Love In A Big World is a perfect addition to your existing efforts, such as morning meetings, advisory periods, after school programs, mentoring initiatives, and even camps!  It can also be integrated with English Language Arts, Social Studies and Related Arts. We help your organization focus on the needs of the whole child.

We provide the structure, scope, and sequence of twenty-four character traits and meaningful activities, while at the same time offering you a Menu of Options from which to choose. State the definition and objective, read the recommended story, have Guided Conversation, and spend time journaling each day. You choose other interdisciplinary activities based on the goals of your organization and the needs of your kids.

Activities can last 15–30 minutes or longer, depending on the length of your day and the responses of the kids. Keep in mind that it is more important to teach the kids than to teach the material. Follow the character-focused conversations and build relationships.


Since 1996, Love In A Big World has been empowering kids and equipping teachers with social & emotional learning curriculum and resources. We are excited to launch this revised curriculum for all kids, families and communities.


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