In many ways, growing up has never been quite so challenging.

Not only has it become harder for children to understand just how to act, but more importantly, it’s getting harder for them to understand just WHY those actions matter. To understand the impact their actions have on the people – and world – around them.

Even with well-meaning and caring adults trying to offer guidance, that instruction can get lost in the noise of a fast-moving culture that has little time for nurturing.

Which is why Love In A Big World exists.

Far more than just a course of study, Love In A Big World is a character education movement – one that provides both social and emotional learning, and that helps kids develop the kind of positive behavior traits that will empower them in everyday life.

It’s a flexible and customizable curriculum that works successfully in any environment where kids and caring adults spend time together – whether at school, in community groups, at church or even at home.

By helping to create meaningful connections and interactions based on relevant and diverse stories and life lessons, it teaches kids to make wise choices about what they do and say.

It’s designed to move kids from risk to resiliency, and, ultimately, to responsibility – not just for their own actions, but for the world around them. And to do so in a fun, engaging way.

Love In A Big World is a tool that builds conversations, relationships, and, ultimately, character – helping prepare children to handle the challenges of life, while instructing them how to live with purpose.

The simple fact is, it’s a big world.

And it needs all the love it can get.

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